Thursday, October 30, 2008

much more

30th October, 2008

Feeling a little shy these past weeks. 
                    *eyes downcast & blushing slightly*
I have been so overwhelmed by the beautiful comments & email messages I have received from friends & strangers who visit this space. 
What started out as a (cheats) way to record the memories of my babes life has grown into so much more. A place for me to have the occasional rant. An opportunity to reflect on the day or the stage or the decision. An acknowledgment of my achievements. A reminder of all I have to be grateful for.  

So I apologise for my absence from this space. Your messages of encouragement & support mean so much to me. They truly make my day sunnier. So please, don't you be shy now.....


Amber said...

No need to feel shy. This is such a lovely blog and you deserve the positive feed back. I too find comments just so rewarding.
This is such a nice place to come...wish there was more of it..

Anonymous said...

I have to say i have been have a few withdrawals from mermaid dreaming, and am so glad to see we have another blog. Your life and stories Jules are often the highlight of my day, thank you for sharing them with me, always makes me feel closier to home than you realise x