Wednesday, October 10, 2007


10th October, 2007 

We've started swimming at the pool - Mt Martha cos it's salt water. Twice now, today was our second time. The first time the water was cold & miles was pretty nervy. Today not so much, although he didn't want to go when I told him, he became very busy & focused on his toys & got very stroppy when I took him to the car. He protested when I changed him into his bathers but after about 10 minutes in the water he relaxed. He had the most fun making eyes at all the oldies swimming up & down.  

 'scuse the pic ~ taken with my phone 


10th October 2007,

'Tonight I'll talk about my boy. :) 

He is lovely, superlovely.

He is 6 days off 16 months. He is walking... running almost. Saying so many things that sound like words. Everyday there is a new one. Du,t (do it), when he is trying to do something a bit tricky or his latest fave is to sniff anything that is 'pretty' or 'plant' so flowers, lettuce, fabric, candles. He sniffs it then still sniffing, puts it to your nose. Just perfect.' 
getting 'pushed around' by his main squeeze