Thursday, June 26, 2008


26th June, 2008

So Georgie Pie is booked out totally at the moment... no bookings available until the end of July. Still I'm probably over booked. Then I get this phone call... 'We'd like to book a pregnancy & newborn shoot. But we're due in 10 days!' me 'Sorry really booked out, can't really help - why the late call?' 'We hadn't planned on having pregnancy shots taken but then we came across  your website & loved your portfolio & decided then & there that we wanted to have some done' me 'Oh, shucks, well maybe I could squeeze you in tomorrow' lol

So we did & they were just GORGEOUS. So lovey, so great to photograph. These are my faves...

I'm having so much fun with this. 
Can't wait now to meet the special bub...

wishing i could

26th June, 2008


       I wish i could send you the pic i took today of our snow bunny with his caf free soy latte to go, i wish i could show you how he's not moved a teeny bit since i tucked him into bed, i wish you could smell how sweet the back of his neck is when he snuggles in close, i wish you could hear how you're the first thing he thinks of when he wakes from sleep and the only thing he cries for when you're away. I wish you knew how much you're loved.
x Jules

(via sms to paulie away on business. pic taken on mobile phone)

Monday, June 23, 2008

that we...

23rd June, 2008

I love that today we got as muddy as one another & I got wetter. I love that we found a worm as big as a (very) small snake & it wriggled & writhed about in our hands just to prove it. I love it that when we finished our hot shower & were toasty warm in our jammies there were still muddy fingerprints all over the bathroom, & the back door, & the laundry, & the kitchen wall....

I love it that I didn't need to interrupt our play, to get my camera, to take a photo, to remember what fun we had. I love it that when we came inside & I did get just one piccy, I didn't mind using the flash & getting any old 'snap' shot... it's not always about the perfect shot, I'm getting it... slowly. 

Friday, June 20, 2008

much anywhere

20th June, 2008

I'm just wondering where the time goes... I can't seem to find much anywhere these days. Busy but mostly productive. 

Some pics from a shoot a couple of weeks back. I finally got to these yesterday & today whilst my poor wee sick boy was being loved by his Grammy. Thanks again Heath x

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


17th June, 2008

Dadda made dinner....

.....yum, yum.
Isn't everything better when done with a smile?


17th June, 2008

My boy is blessed with some wonderful friends, 
& lucky me with their gorgeous Mama's.
These little treasures are so very precious. 

Billi (aged 9) asks her Mama ~ "Can Milo come &  play at our house?"
"of course" is the reply
Billi ~ "but it will have to be one day when I'm not at school"


Monday, June 16, 2008

the anticipation

16th June, 2008

Birthday joy for our wee boy. I think the very best bit for him is in the anticipation ~ a pressie, all wrapped up, what could it possibly be, how will I get in through all of this colour to find it, oh what could it be....

Then, of course, the second best bit is that scattered amongst this huge stack of beautiful new gifts are balloons, many, many balloons. What fun :) A lesson for mama & papa in simplicity I think. x

wee ones

16th June, 2008

Happy Birthday Miles

Such fun at the farm today....

2 week old baby goats.. the sweetest things you ever did see

Mama's favourite ~ baby cows



& Milo's favourite for the day....

yep, pigs ~ kinda freaky, soo big & stinky & noisy 
but the little wee ones were supa cute.

Saturday, June 14, 2008


14th June, 2008

Milo's 2nd Birthday Party....

We are so touched by the thought, generosity & love that was given so freely by all in the celebration of our little boys birth.

A fun time for everyone playing inside & out, kids everywhere, friends chatting, (mostly) wholefoods for snacking & laughing, laughing, laughing.

& not one, not even one, plastic toy was gifted ~ thanks to all for showing such respect for our choices & for making Milo's day such fun. x J & P

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


10th June, 2008

Our last two weeks have been consumed by 'foody'. Talking of, playing with, thinking about, looking for, stressing over Papa's football. It has been at times very funny & at others very trying. The ball is big, awkward, heavy & difficult for little hands & feet to manouver. It had short stints in many varied hiding places but the concern over it's whereabouts... not to mention when it would next be pumped up... was more challenging than the constant playing & falling. 
So when little M found Papa's big soccer ball two days ago I was consumed slightly with fatigue & fear. 
How wrong I was.... 'dadda's big soccer ball' has been a delightful reprieve from the frustrations of an awkward flat 'foody'. (For the both of us). It has caused the construction of a four word sentence ~ Little M's first ~, allowed the Mama to (occasionally) have a kick too. And I'm sure boosted self esteem enormously as he kicks it far & straight. 

Friday, June 6, 2008

growing & changing

6th June, 2008

I was so excited today to do a photo session with a family I photographed last year. Sweet S was an absolute delight when I met her & her mum for a spring shoot.... 

Well now there is an new addition to their family & spunky T lived up to all expectations. So very happy to be dressed & undressed & moved all about during the session.  

Thanks B for inviting me back into your family to capture these precious moments. It is such a thrill to see your family grow & change. And of course to have a few squeezes with your special two. x