Tuesday, June 10, 2008


10th June, 2008

Our last two weeks have been consumed by 'foody'. Talking of, playing with, thinking about, looking for, stressing over Papa's football. It has been at times very funny & at others very trying. The ball is big, awkward, heavy & difficult for little hands & feet to manouver. It had short stints in many varied hiding places but the concern over it's whereabouts... not to mention when it would next be pumped up... was more challenging than the constant playing & falling. 
So when little M found Papa's big soccer ball two days ago I was consumed slightly with fatigue & fear. 
How wrong I was.... 'dadda's big soccer ball' has been a delightful reprieve from the frustrations of an awkward flat 'foody'. (For the both of us). It has caused the construction of a four word sentence ~ Little M's first ~, allowed the Mama to (occasionally) have a kick too. And I'm sure boosted self esteem enormously as he kicks it far & straight. 

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