Friday, September 24, 2010

a wee break

9th September, 2010

We drove through a lot of this beauty full ness,

tackled fireman's poles and giant marbles along the way,

and eventually arrived at an old place we called home for a few days.

Mama had the terrible idea of taking a tour through the old gold mine,

the men climbed a big hill,

the rest of us walked along a quiet stream and watched as the rain fluttered to ground.

For the first time.
The boys saw snow.

We had great fun with great people,

Learnt the fine art of tobogganing in little snow on a non-slope,

And remembered to stop and smile.

There was love all around.


Walhalla 2010

Monday, September 13, 2010

the miraculous & the mundane

January, 2007

The miraculous and the mundane.
The days I thought I would lose my mind
if I saw the inside of these four walls for one moment longer.
The moments he smiles.
The hours when nothing works
to soothe or comfort & I wonder how I could get it so wrong.

The times his cheek brushes against mine & takes my breath away.
The moments I wonder how I became invisible
to all those who loved me before I was two.
The days when the sunlight spills through the windows
& warms us both on the floor.
When he kicks his legs with glee & stretches his wobbly hand towards me.

We see the faeries dancing in the space between.

Piccys taken Jan '07, thoughts flowed much later.