Wednesday, February 8, 2006

painting, dreaming, dancing

8th February, 2006

I love these photos my sweet P took. I was in another world. Painting, dreaming, dancing. I had head phones on & had no idea he was even there. Sneaky monkey.
Check out the bump. I was about 22 weeks pregnant....

Friday, February 3, 2006

I can't wait...

3rd February, 2006

"Have I mentioned yet how much I adore Paulie....
It's late on a friday night. Paulie has his buddy S over ~ wine, JB vids, tunes, laughs & conversation. All those wonderful things. He plays songs he knows I love, he plays songs which make my heart sing & by body dance. He plays songs which awaken the spirit inside me & remind me why I want to be a mama. So I smile out loud, I dance around the house in my slippery, fluffy socks. I hold this baby in my belly so close & so tight. I love being pregnant. I love being a mama. I love Paulie being a papa. I love the home we're making for our little family. I love this little person inside of me. I love the spirit of him which is not so little. I love all of the things he will teach us & all of the things we will teach him. I can't wait... "