Wednesday, February 27, 2008

beach, beach, beach

27th February, 2008

Yesterday was spent with our very special friends J & L. 
A trip to Dromana for felt supplies turned into quite an adventure. We picnicked in the car whilst the babies slept, wandered down a hidden path ~ trying to calm the cries for 'beach, beach, beach', then we quite happily gave in & danced & swam & splashed the afternoon away.....

thankyou both for your delightful company, laughter & spontaneity 

Monday, February 25, 2008

a little blessing....

14 posts in 11 days! That's impressive. 
I'm loving this 'time' I'm having & this excuse to daydream & remember, reminisce & delight.
Things may start to slow a bit now though. I've just committed Georgie Pie to a new website... again! The last one has only been up for about 6 months. But now is the right time for some growth, so I need to spend lots of energy & attention there for while. 
Here is a little blessing I like, I think we'll start to use it at family meal times ~

Candle light shining bright,
Warm us with your golden light.
Let's join hands & may we see
a light inside of you & me.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Rare & Frightening

23rd February, 2008

Today was our 6 year wedding anniversary!
We had a morning bike ride through the wetlands... ducks, swans, ibis. I tried my hardest not to but still nearly stacked it off the boardwalks. I think I need more practice. 
After lunch we left little M with our dear friends J,P & L & went out for a couple of hours alone... rare & frightening. 
Wine, tapas, dark & cosy bar, each other ~ we were thrilled. 
Then off to the beach for a little swim before home. Bath, dinner & bed for the little one. Wine, antipasto, conversation & nookie for the grown ups. A wonderful day.

Sweet P I love you with all of my heart. 
Amor Vincit Omnia 

Windy, wind, wind

24th February, 2008

Gusty, cold & overcast.... a perfect day for the beach :0

big smiles for papa 
(photo credit to Paulie)

a rare pic of me with my boy ~ thx sweet P
(photo credit to Paulie)

 kite flying joy

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Gifting fun...

Yesterday was a day of fun surprises.....

These are some cookies 'baked' for little M. He loves them so we made some for our dear friends G & C and popped them in the post today. We hope your tea parties & picnics are all the sweeter G&C. xx J,P & M

This arrived in the mail :) 
Lovely P ordered it for me after a tanti I had the other week. 
I'd missed another photo op with my boy because my only battery was flat. Now I have two. 
Thx sweet P.  

This little friend is Molly.
Made for little M who was thrilled to call her his own.
He wasn't so thrilled last week when I was busy making the friends for Mia (not him).

& this too!
Georgie Pie insisted on it for OH&S reasons of course. 
It's fabulous.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Summer glow

It seems that I can barely keep up with our current adventures... reminiscing takes much more time & concentration than I can manage.
With summer almost over we are loving our beach days more & more. The warmth in the sand & the water is precious as soon it will begin to cool. Today we had a trip to dromana to stock up on fleece & incense. We spent the afternoon under the shade of the pier & got a lot wetter than I had anticipated. 

It's amazing watching little M in the wider world. Today he made friends with a little boy (3yo?), Marcus. They swap shells & stones. Little M holds his ground when Marcus takes a stone from him. He demands it back without words or assistance. Marcus knows he's serious.  

Friday, February 15, 2008


To baby char ~ thanks for your delightful company, laughter & green cordial yesterday. Memories of the 3 of us grooving with the Waifs on an island in the sun will be forever cherished. x

 yep, that's the waifs rockin' out ~ Milo was sleeping soundly in the pouch by now.

& mr butler ~ clearly Milo's favorite 

bottle = negotiation between bands

a seasoned festival goer

* P notably absent from this perfect day ~ on his own blissed out adventure (dna 1 & 2 theta w/s)

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Strawberry fields forever...

Last weekend  P, little M & I all went on a little adventure.
Down a long windy dirt track, through forests with trees as tall as star trails, over a rickety rickety wooden bridge & into fields of strawberries! Divine. We collected a whole kilo of them ~ sweet, juicy, delicious goodness. Milo was not the least bit impressed that he couldn't eat them right away (pesticide spray :(, they had to be washed first). When he had had enough he lay down in the middle of a row & rested his head on a berry bush for a snooze. 

The next day we made a big batch of strawberry muffins... sweeties not often found 'round here. Little M couldn't believe his luck....

Until mama said 'no more muffins'..

Waking up.....

My baby is 2 days off 20 months old!
I seem to have small pockets of time now where I am baby free & my thoughts are drifting back to opportunities for self expression. At the forefront of my mind is unfinished, actually unstarted, pieces of art & joy that even with the very best of intentions have never found a way out of my mind. The first of these is a record of my boys life & of our family's most precious moments. I have, at times, been great at jotting down dates ~ stories ~ moments & at photographing them too. At other times, I've been less so. So this 'blog' is in fact to be a life journal, compiled in memory not time, at least until now. So an exciting journey ahead ~ finding, reading, remembering & matching as I piece together the last 20 months & beyond.......

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

to be sure it's a tree

12th February, 2008

Santa brought crayons for little M. Gorgeous beeswax block crayons. They are smooth & smell amazing & are just the right size for little hands.

he told me this is a star

Mama ~ ' Miles would you like to draw a tree.'
Miles ~ Nods enthusiastically then draws the picture above. 
He sniffs it to be sure it's a tree.
Deeelightful :)

look out ladies

12th February, 2008

dark, moody, tough, handsome ~ look out ladies

discovering sticks