Friday, February 15, 2008


To baby char ~ thanks for your delightful company, laughter & green cordial yesterday. Memories of the 3 of us grooving with the Waifs on an island in the sun will be forever cherished. x

 yep, that's the waifs rockin' out ~ Milo was sleeping soundly in the pouch by now.

& mr butler ~ clearly Milo's favorite 

bottle = negotiation between bands

a seasoned festival goer

* P notably absent from this perfect day ~ on his own blissed out adventure (dna 1 & 2 theta w/s)

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Mermiad Traveller said...

It is a day I will remermber and cheerish for years to come. My 1st festival with my big sis and her gorgeous boy. A pity P couldn't b with us but it was great to have sister bonding time :) Great pics 2!!