Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Gifting fun...

Yesterday was a day of fun surprises.....

These are some cookies 'baked' for little M. He loves them so we made some for our dear friends G & C and popped them in the post today. We hope your tea parties & picnics are all the sweeter G&C. xx J,P & M

This arrived in the mail :) 
Lovely P ordered it for me after a tanti I had the other week. 
I'd missed another photo op with my boy because my only battery was flat. Now I have two. 
Thx sweet P.  

This little friend is Molly.
Made for little M who was thrilled to call her his own.
He wasn't so thrilled last week when I was busy making the friends for Mia (not him).

& this too!
Georgie Pie insisted on it for OH&S reasons of course. 
It's fabulous.

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