Tuesday, May 29, 2007

heart to heart

29th May, 2007

My sweet baby boy. Almost one year old. I'm not ready for this milestone yet, but you are. I want to hold on to the closeness just a little bit longer. I know soon you'll be off exploring on your own & I'll miss you terribly. I am so very honoured to be your mama. You amaze me with your kindness, your sparkle, your joy. You have taught me so much already. About my own strength & knowing. About the potential for humanity. About sacrifice. I thank you. 

This is where you sleep ~ against my body, so close, warm, safe. I hold you tight even as I dream about the day I'll be able to tuck you into your own bed for sleep. We move about a lot while you sleep. You like the motion. This is when I tidy up & potter about. Softly & slowly so as not to wake you. Please know that there will always be a place for you in my pouch. Snuggling close, heart to heart. For as long or as often as you want it.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Many expectations

13th May, 2007

My first mama's day...

I've not journalled about this time so this entry is by memory. 

Many expectations I recall, about this day, about it's significance. About the triumph of making it this far. An opportunity to celebrate my successes as a parent & a time to enjoy being the one looked after for a while. And I was. Coffee, breaky, cuddles in bed. 

Special smiles & kisses. 

A moonstone bracelet my gift. The birthstone of my boy. To hold close to us both. To draw strength from. Supporting intuition, renewal, calming & awareness. 
A big family lunch with my ma & sisters & their loves. And then dinner with my in laws. A big bubble bath to end the day. 

My Sweet P took this pic at lunch. I don't like my expression but I like the wisdom in my eyes. I know things, deep, wonderful, powerful things. Yes I do. Now if I could just work out what those things are.....