Sunday, May 13, 2007

Many expectations

13th May, 2007

My first mama's day...

I've not journalled about this time so this entry is by memory. 

Many expectations I recall, about this day, about it's significance. About the triumph of making it this far. An opportunity to celebrate my successes as a parent & a time to enjoy being the one looked after for a while. And I was. Coffee, breaky, cuddles in bed. 

Special smiles & kisses. 

A moonstone bracelet my gift. The birthstone of my boy. To hold close to us both. To draw strength from. Supporting intuition, renewal, calming & awareness. 
A big family lunch with my ma & sisters & their loves. And then dinner with my in laws. A big bubble bath to end the day. 

My Sweet P took this pic at lunch. I don't like my expression but I like the wisdom in my eyes. I know things, deep, wonderful, powerful things. Yes I do. Now if I could just work out what those things are.....

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