Thursday, August 28, 2008


28th August, 2008

A busy time again.... again..... *sigh*

I crave these times, the busyness, the purpose, the productivity, the completion. But it can be so hard to maintain a balance. I struggle with incomplete projects. My mind does not settle whilst it is occupied with a task. I can think of little else than what next needs doing.

So as much as these busy times are rewarding, they are also stressful as I try to develop boundaries for myself & for my family. 

In the last 48 hours I have spent 8 waking hours with my child. 
What the #$%#@.
That is insane. Today as I kissed him goodbye at his Grammy's house I did not want to leave. I did not want to let him go. I wanted to forget all of the projects & the busyness & spend the afternoon playing in the 'jungle' together. 

Tonight as we kissed & snuggled & kissed & cuddled, I told him ~ 'Tomorrow is for you, anything you would like, we will do. If Milo would like to dig or cook or paint or run or spin or play or sing or read or dance or climb or laugh then we will do that together. Whatever Milo would like'. 

I didn't expect him to understand or respond even.

He stopped for a minute. Looked at me. And said this. 
'Milo mama take a wubbish bin out, gether'

Ok sweet baby. Tomorrow we will take the bins out for the truck & then bring them in again. And most likely do it again. I love you crazy.


Monday, August 18, 2008


18th August, 2008

What I found hiding in the bedroom this morning......

fresh from the farmer yesterday
too good to wait
it makes me smile

later when i asked him what he would like for lunch ~
yep you guessed it

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


12th August, 2008

Today I'm feeling.... 


Maybe it's because I'm half a glass into the cheapest box of wine on the shelf. Maybe it's because the fact that we can only afford the cheapest doesn't bother me? 
Maybe it's because we choose to spend our last dimes on homeopathics & chiropractic to support & enhance our health, minds & spirits. And this choice fills me with feelings of securus 
(Latin ~ ‘free from care.’) rather than sacrifice.
Maybe it's because I'm reminded how wonderful it is to share this life with my two boys. These two souls who chose me as a part of their journeys. These two souls who fill me with love & confusion & adoration & laughter & bewilderment & hope ~ for the wider world & for mine too.

x in love J

Monday, August 11, 2008

happy anythings

11th August, 2008

Today was a day for promises fulfilled. 
Blue skies, warm sun, crazy winds, daytime moon, rainbows, 
kites, climbing, puddles, jungles, laughter, sweet laughter, 
yoghurt & "mama (camera) off, (in) bag away"

Yes my angel boy, anything for you today, anything. x

drowning sweetly

11th August, 2008

My sweet dose of pink is currently on the other side of this vast brown land of ours. I miss her so.
I thought I'd have a quick peek at some unedited pics of her to get a little fix & I came across this one...

How did I miss it? Is it just cos I love her so, or are all of the pics of her really this good? If you ever fell into those deep dark pools you would drown for sure.

ps - S this is in your inbox already x

Saturday, August 9, 2008

homemade goodies

8th August, 2008

A grumpy boy misses his dadda terribly. 

"Dadda home now, no work, dadda home Milo"

Let's do some baking to lift the mood... "MUFF'S" (muffins people, muffins). Except we've not enough apples or berries or bananas in the house. How about orange cake? "CAAAAAKE" ~ I guess that's a yes. 
Miles can pick some oranges from the tree for the cake, I need 3 please......

I have such warm memories of baking with my own ma. Standing on a chair to help with the measuring & the pouring & the mixing... 
& the tasting. I remember a day when we'd just creamed the butter & the sugar (yeah the good ol' days) & the phone rang. Ma was distracted by her conversation & just out of reach of us at the bench. Sarah & I gobbled up that whole sweet bowl of yummyness! 
I'm not so sure I felt as happy afterwards. 

We tried this new recipe from a book I bought a little while back. 

at least I made him wear an apron while we were cooking....

we ate it still warm.....

Friday, August 8, 2008


8th August, 2008

Such a sweet baby bunnykins I photographed earlier this week. 
She is eight months old & a bundle of personality. 

for more information on baby and child photographs 
please visit my website ~ 


8th July, 2008

This ad is going into a new magazine soon :) What do you think of it? I use this pic a lot for advertising. I love it but it also works really well with my logo colours. Would you believe that when I was a kid I didn't like the colour pink! Me neither. I'm making up for it now though ;)

Thursday, August 7, 2008

with gratitude

7th August, 2008

Last night I went out ~ without a nappy bag, or a snotty shoulder, or a toddler's schedule governing my movements. 
Instead I wore heels & lippy & had tickets in my hand for the best gig little ol' melbourne town me has seen in over two years. 

A flood of emotions & memories. The Corner Hotel & I have a long history. 

Thankyou to my little M for waving me goodbye with the biggest of smiles. Thankyou to my sweet P for sending me away with love & for braving the impending storm. Thankyou to my sis for sharing the moment with me. 
And to the incredible, delightful, overwhelmingly talented Laura Marling thankyou for enticing me back & reminding me why I should never have left.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

pregnancy photography

5th August, 2008

Some pics from a pregnancy photography session I did a couple of weeks back. 
This was such a gorgeous couple. Lots of fun. Some really stunning black & white belly shots are probably my favourites from the shoot but I haven't asked for the ok to post them here. Love these too....