Tuesday, August 12, 2008


12th August, 2008

Today I'm feeling.... 


Maybe it's because I'm half a glass into the cheapest box of wine on the shelf. Maybe it's because the fact that we can only afford the cheapest doesn't bother me? 
Maybe it's because we choose to spend our last dimes on homeopathics & chiropractic to support & enhance our health, minds & spirits. And this choice fills me with feelings of securus 
(Latin ~ ‘free from care.’) rather than sacrifice.
Maybe it's because I'm reminded how wonderful it is to share this life with my two boys. These two souls who chose me as a part of their journeys. These two souls who fill me with love & confusion & adoration & laughter & bewilderment & hope ~ for the wider world & for mine too.

x in love J


Raine said...

what an absolutely beautiful photo of two of the most important boys in my life. Pure joy, happiness, fun & LOVE.

molly said...

beautiful picture, beautiful words!