Thursday, August 28, 2008


28th August, 2008

A busy time again.... again..... *sigh*

I crave these times, the busyness, the purpose, the productivity, the completion. But it can be so hard to maintain a balance. I struggle with incomplete projects. My mind does not settle whilst it is occupied with a task. I can think of little else than what next needs doing.

So as much as these busy times are rewarding, they are also stressful as I try to develop boundaries for myself & for my family. 

In the last 48 hours I have spent 8 waking hours with my child. 
What the #$%#@.
That is insane. Today as I kissed him goodbye at his Grammy's house I did not want to leave. I did not want to let him go. I wanted to forget all of the projects & the busyness & spend the afternoon playing in the 'jungle' together. 

Tonight as we kissed & snuggled & kissed & cuddled, I told him ~ 'Tomorrow is for you, anything you would like, we will do. If Milo would like to dig or cook or paint or run or spin or play or sing or read or dance or climb or laugh then we will do that together. Whatever Milo would like'. 

I didn't expect him to understand or respond even.

He stopped for a minute. Looked at me. And said this. 
'Milo mama take a wubbish bin out, gether'

Ok sweet baby. Tomorrow we will take the bins out for the truck & then bring them in again. And most likely do it again. I love you crazy.


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