Saturday, August 9, 2008

homemade goodies

8th August, 2008

A grumpy boy misses his dadda terribly. 

"Dadda home now, no work, dadda home Milo"

Let's do some baking to lift the mood... "MUFF'S" (muffins people, muffins). Except we've not enough apples or berries or bananas in the house. How about orange cake? "CAAAAAKE" ~ I guess that's a yes. 
Miles can pick some oranges from the tree for the cake, I need 3 please......

I have such warm memories of baking with my own ma. Standing on a chair to help with the measuring & the pouring & the mixing... 
& the tasting. I remember a day when we'd just creamed the butter & the sugar (yeah the good ol' days) & the phone rang. Ma was distracted by her conversation & just out of reach of us at the bench. Sarah & I gobbled up that whole sweet bowl of yummyness! 
I'm not so sure I felt as happy afterwards. 

We tried this new recipe from a book I bought a little while back. 

at least I made him wear an apron while we were cooking....

we ate it still warm.....


Talia said...

Hey Julie,
What beautiful treasures you have. Congratulations to you.
It has been a long long time but sometimes people just pop up when the time is right (thankyou).
Talia. xx

Raine said...

Cooking, lots of cooking. Tasting, lots of tasting. Remember "Sarah, you won't like it (onion)" BUT she ate it anyway. Cooking, lots of cooking. Tasting, lots of tasting. I can't remember how many times the butter & sugar was creamed (& eaten)& there wasn't enough left to make the cake & we always had to add MORE butter & sugar. I remember those special times with my beautiful girls - full of love & fun. xoxoxoxo