Friday, January 30, 2009

gelati promise

30th January, 2009

It's hot. . . .    .  .  and I'm sticky.
Over 40 degrees for four days in a row. No relief in sight.

The little one has endured an endless cycle of bad children's television, burning car seat buckles, flouresent lights & zombie crowds as we too seek refuge in the shopping centres we try so hard to avoid all year. Scratchy sand, sticky skin, crunchy sand coated snacks, exhaustion & then despair at the end of the day. 
Thankfully he sleeps well at night.

We are both tired, we are both over it. 
I have not picked up my camera 'to play' in a week. I miss it but it feels so heavy & cumbersome. I wish to be light, like a feather. I wish for the breeze to be through me. I wish to float on an endless ocean. I feel so heavy.

A morning swim with the horses today lifted our spirits for a while. Then the sun rose higher, the wind picked up & you guessed it ~ hot buckles, abc kids & later today more zombi crowds.

Our Sweet P will soon be home for the weekend and has promised to take us for gelati this afternoon. It feels good knowing.    

Monday, January 19, 2009

he sings to the sea

12th December, 2008

He sings to the sea, and she playfully kisses his toes. 
He giggles and throws a stick to her, she caresses it, slowly, taking in it's beauty then returns it softly to his feet.
He sings to her, and she playfully kisses his toes....

He is mesmerised. As I have been for so many years before. 
He stands, he sways ever so slightly, moving with her rhythm, feeling the pull, the beckon, her call. I wonder how he will respond, what will her song call from him. When?

I feel blessed, again. There is something of me in this child. Or perhaps there is simply something of the ocean in us both.

It delights me beyond description, and teases me with the fear of letting him go, into the waves, into her embrace, into her power. 
And I have to trust & be glad for another season of paddling in the shallows.


Thursday, January 15, 2009

all shook up... wohoho

15th January, 2009

You know how life just   happens    .
How the sun rises & then sets again & the moon waxes & wanes & how the earth turns and you don't really even notice. You think about the shopping list or how you should exercise more or how your child doesn't fit any of his clothes all of a sudden. And life just    happens   around you.
Do you know?

And then something wakes you up, shakes you, reminds you. 

That life is in the now. 

That it's not somewhere we get to when we have the right car or education or life experience. 

It's now. Today, me typing these words. Me smiling at him or grumbling about sweeping up. This is it. 

Well I can't really say what it was that shook me this time.
Maybe boho girls description that led me to this album.

Maybe it was my boys close shave with a heavy sheet of glass & some cold hard tiles that lead us to the ocean for a swim in the 'big waves' & 'big wind' on a ridiculously cold afternoon.

Maybe it was Amber who led me to contemplate how quickly things can change.

Maybe it was the giant bunch of sunflowers my boys bought home 'just because'.

Maybe it's a lot of things.

I can't really say what, but I'm so grateful for the new perspective.

Friday, January 9, 2009

ticking boxes

9th January, 2009

I've been a coffee drinker for a  v e r y   l o n g  time.
I was that student who couldn't put pen to paper without her 'hit' - morning, mid morning, late morning, lunch, you get the picture. 
Well that habit was left on campus, but I do still love my daily ritual with a steaming hot cup just slightly burning my fingers.... yes, mmm, yes I do.
It makes me warm & fuzzy when I think about that ritual. I don't cope without it.

So. My point? 
The yellowed teeth of coffee drinkers. I don't want to use nasty chemical whiteners & no matter how hard I wanted to believe bi-carb soda would remove the stains ! it really didn't.
So I just kind of got over it & learnt to accept that part of myself along with the other bits you learn to love or ignore.
Which is why I am so pleased that I found this toothpaste. 

After about a month of using this I thought my teeth looked a little whiter. After another month & I'm certain of it. I don't know why. It's all natural & organic. The minty taste is not the best but it's not yucky. Miles likes it. Even Sweet P said it wasn't bad.

So, just a little oral hygiene tip from me to you! Cause I love a good product & it ticks all of my boxes.


Thursday, January 8, 2009


8th January, 2009

Christmas lovin' that keeps on givin'.

So much love & gratitude to all for your generosity, your kindness & your friendship.

x J,P & M         

(m ~ otherwise known as 'water faerie' and often found draped in a blue playsilk swimming in the 'river')