Saturday, May 31, 2008

crazy twins

31st May, 2008

A busy day of friends & fun...

LuLu came for a play this morning while J&P had some down time. Our little angel was in hiding & instead Lu had to play ever so patiently with his crazy twin. Such a battle of ownership. Everything Lu touched little M wanted. It was the first time really. Lu was so accommodating & little M was so confused by his feelings. He was really wound up until we went outside where there is much space to run & play & dig. 

Then a yummy bbq brunch with J&P, Grammy & Pa before walk & a snooze in the prams. When they woke all was forgiven & forgotten & much fun was had by all.

The dadda's even managed to whip up a great new gate between our yard & J&T's next door. 

Thanks for your company & your help today friends x.

Friday, May 30, 2008

my little bunny

30th May, 2008

This little boy.. growing so fast.. 
laughing . & . talking . & . flying . & . loving...
our georgie, our gorgeous george, our milo, my bunny... 

You tell us so clearly now what you want.. if we misunderstand you persist with us, repeating the word until we figure it out. 
You are so patient, never becoming frustrated as we repeat -fishes? tissue? feather? beaches? oh treasure.. yes those shells & gumnuts are true treasures... and so are you little one. 
The corners of your mouth turn up & you almost roll your eyes as you repeat yourself again. You must think we're quite nutty sometimes. 
You love to be my bunny. Some times I'll call you Miles or Milo, you stop me 'Nooo'. You bang your chest 'bunny, mama bunny'. Yes, mama's bunny. So soft to cuddle, so sweet to know, so lovely to watch & wonder. 
I love you my little bunny. x

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

playing robots

27th May, 2008

A photo shoot scheduled for today had been postponed due to the rain. So we have the whole day ahead of us.... 

Morning cuppas were moved forward by 2 hours due to a desperate need for caffeine for the mama & we were sewing, cutting & playing robots by 9am.

'scuse the bad pics... too early for brain function!

Monday, May 26, 2008

the bug...

26th May, 2008

We have the bug... you know the one.. the nesting bug.
Sweet P & I often fall victim to it's song but I think now the little one has it too. 

Things are.... shall we say.... a work in progress... around here at the moment. I was the first to succumb this time. The laundry had it's long overdue spring clean yesterday which was momentous & incredibly satisfying (silly, I know). 
Then it was sweet P, poor ambitous papa. It's got him good. Our new studio... the one designed, fitted out & enjoyed only in January... is undergoing a major overhaul. What was once a private music space became a less private music space with a small corner from which I could work, then it became a shared space where not much music occurred. 
It will soon be two spaces. One for music creation, one for my creations. We are both terribly excited, if not a little overwhelmed but the project.

So today, which is for house cleaning duties has been really spent trying to get just a little more done in the studio, just one more thing....

Little M is a beam of shining light admist the chaos & the disconnected mama & papa.
So it was time to create a new space for him too. A new drawing space with a view of the world, some fresh flowers & stars for inspiration & viola....

his drawing is astounding, 
one of these days I'll photograph it & post here. 
until then, x

Saturday, May 24, 2008

everyone has a happy place

then like that wasn't enough ~ 
hand feeding our chickies for the first time :) 

sunshine, tunes & giggles in the 'woods', 
& papa's rearranging furniture again  
everyone has a happy place :)

Friday, May 23, 2008

little furry balls

23rd May, 2008

The wattle is almost in bloom. All the little furry balls are busting to open but they're not quite ready. A few small sprigs made great trees for all of the animals (& little M) to nibble on...

playdough rocks :)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A little ditty

20th May, 2008

We have a new song we sing every morning. A little ditty about the highlights of each day of the week. I think it helps little M to know what to expect from the day & also to understand about the rhythm of the week. It helps me to get my chores done if little M is soothed by the promise of fun afterwards. 
So for the record: Monday is clean up day, Tuesday we go to the toy library, Wednesday we visit with Lucy, Thursday Grammy plays, Friday is adventure day & then it's the weekend - yay dadda!
Today was no exception. Last week we had returned the scooter to the library after a really long overdue turn. Every day since then we have worried about the scooter & who has it & where it is & when we will get it again. Today was the day. 
On the drive over a little voice sung sweet songs in the back of the car. I turned around & said with such joy "Milo Percival, I love you". He smiled, threw his arms into the air & shouted "SCOOTER"! What's a mama to do but laugh & share the happiness. 

We played in the park & read some stories with Aunty Sarah & bubba Mia too. It was cold & rainy & icky but fun to feel the fresh cold air on our faces & drink warm milky cuppas into our bellies.

Monday, May 19, 2008

people actually visit....

So, umm.... it seems that people actually visit this little space I've created for myself! 
It's kind of comforting & confronting at the same time. 
I hope to record here our weekly adventures, stories, triumphs & challenges. A history for little M to read when he asks me 'Mama, what was I like when I was little?' The stories are real & heartfelt & the tough days are only lightly sugercoated. 
When I created this space I did not intend on it becoming a public journal but it has evolved that way. If you visit I would really love you to leave a comment so I know that you've been &  so that I may gain some wisdom from your own insights. 
I've been contemplating the nature of this journal & how my thoughts & decisions may upset some people. I wondered wether I should censor my thoughts to a degree as to not offend but have decided not to. I want us to be able to remember with accuracy the parenting decisions we make & why. I understand that the choices we make in our family are not the right choices for all families. I firmly believe that as parents and indeed as people we make the best choices we can with the information we have at the time. 
I shall leave it at that for now.  Peace to you all x 

Friday, May 9, 2008


9th May, 2008

Treasures in the garden.....

what exactly do you do when you find a wayward faerie in the garden? 
you read her a story of course!

Thursday, May 8, 2008


8th May, 2008

Today little M & I went visiting with some super gorgeous mama's & their (not so little anymore) babes. These women are wonderful. Inspiring, supportive & so honest. I gain so much from their company & their wisdom. Thanks girls ~ JoT, Nic, Leanne & Erica x

Then this afternoon another wonderful woman ~ my super MIL come to care for the little one while I worked on a shoot from last weekend. Here are a couple of pics....

I'm really struggling to prepare for this market stall...... How do you choose your 5 best pics? How do you make sure those pics all work well together? 
Help, I really need help...... The market is one month from today! 

the best bit....

8th May, 2008

Adventures to Coolart today. We had much fun lying beneath HUGE autumn trees & throwing leaves in the air. We found fairies, went exploring & had to do some weeding too. But the very best bit, the bit you wouldn't believe it was true so you'd have to pinch yourself kind of best bit ~ a whole school group of kids! Big kids, noisy kids, kids that looked at us while we practised our very best cute face kind of kids..... bliss!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

in the earth

5th May, 2008

When the days are long, or bad, or boring, or tiring, or challenging, or frustrating we go outside and we busy ourselves in the earth and we feel wonderful....

Especially when the words flow together with ease & joy. 
This past week my little M has said so many new words 
& so many wonderful sentences. 
My Favourites (and his) ~
'do it mama digging'
'dig a hole' (as he does so)
'dig, dig, dig dadda dig'


6th May, 2008

Happy Birthday Aunty Wendy. 
A painting. Simple. Right? Quick. Right?
Or maybe not...

Little M has discovered the joy of fingerpainting. The squishy, ishy, cold, gooey, smooth lovelyness of paint between his fingers. The slide & the sweep of the liquid velvet across the wood. The magic of printing. Such fun. 
I so wanted to join in ~ but then who's standing by with a clean cloth to catch the splatters before they dry forevermore on the walls & the floor & the....?

bursts of autumn

6th May, 2008

No wonder I'm in such a tizz about the seasons, there is much growth & newness in our garden. Rain, rain, rain & bursts of Autumn sun are treasured for the vitality they renew in the plants & the soil & our spirits......

discovering these was such a thrill & delight

Monday, May 5, 2008

procrastination I think.....

5th May, 2008

I'm such a funny little thing.....

Been quite busy lately, I feel out of tune with the seasons.  I think we need to have a long walk through the Autumn leaves some time this week. Maybe we'll head up to Arthurs....

Lot's of shoots which is fabulous & so very much fun. I've had really productive proofing sessions too. I'm learning to procrastinate less. Time spent planning little M's 2nd birthday celebrations & also making gifts for his & other celebrations approaching. Fun time with friends new & old. Working in the garden ~ digging, planting, mulching, playing.
But the weight lays on an approaching market stall I've committed to. Which photo's to use, how to display them, new fliers to design & a good printer to source. Frames, canopy, album, outfit. I'm quite overwhelmed really. I still need to work on the procrastination I think.....

Friday, May 2, 2008

green kids

2nd May, 2008

Just wanted to say how fabulously happy I've been with the 
fitted cloth nappies we bought for little M.
Contact details below.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

mia mia

1st May, 2008

We've been so lucky to visit with Sarah & Mia twice this past week. Like my little one, Mia is approaching her birthday. One year old already. I really can't believe it. She is such a delight. 

I feel such a connection to Mia, I have my own ideas as to why.... she is my only niece & I was so very honoured to be present at her birth so maybe that is why, but I feel the connection runs much deeper...

This year we will make more time....

mia mia ~ my love

I was so grateful to be asked to photograph the momentous occasion of Mia's birth. I was even more pleased to be able to support my little sis & her hubby through their incredible journey. 
Sarah was INCREDIBLE. Her strength & patience & focus was astounding. She had a completely  natural birth under incredibly difficult circumstances in a high risk, high intervention hospital. She was truly a star, she shone much brighter & stronger than I could've in the same situation. I was so proud & so humbled in the same moment.
To all three of you ~ thankyou thankyou thankyou