Monday, May 19, 2008

people actually visit....

So, umm.... it seems that people actually visit this little space I've created for myself! 
It's kind of comforting & confronting at the same time. 
I hope to record here our weekly adventures, stories, triumphs & challenges. A history for little M to read when he asks me 'Mama, what was I like when I was little?' The stories are real & heartfelt & the tough days are only lightly sugercoated. 
When I created this space I did not intend on it becoming a public journal but it has evolved that way. If you visit I would really love you to leave a comment so I know that you've been &  so that I may gain some wisdom from your own insights. 
I've been contemplating the nature of this journal & how my thoughts & decisions may upset some people. I wondered wether I should censor my thoughts to a degree as to not offend but have decided not to. I want us to be able to remember with accuracy the parenting decisions we make & why. I understand that the choices we make in our family are not the right choices for all families. I firmly believe that as parents and indeed as people we make the best choices we can with the information we have at the time. 
I shall leave it at that for now.  Peace to you all x 

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Anonymous said...

How true.....each of us are individuals.....each of us make decisions we believe to be best for our lives, our families, ourselves. Never loose that belief, my beautiful daughter, for you are know what you want from life. Believe in yourself, never loose your honesty & individuality. I love you sooooo.....much