Friday, May 23, 2008

little furry balls

23rd May, 2008

The wattle is almost in bloom. All the little furry balls are busting to open but they're not quite ready. A few small sprigs made great trees for all of the animals (& little M) to nibble on...

playdough rocks :)


Anonymous said...

Oh no, it cannot be, our baby grandson Miles looks toooo....old in this photo. He isn't supposed to grow up so fast, even auntie chacha says he looks about 4 in this photo.

katrinalovessunshine said...

Hard to believe your little man is nearly two, you guys keep me so entertained with your daily updates. I can only wish i will be half the mother you are jules. How lucky miles is to have such involved parents. If only the young ones i worked with had as much attention, stimulation and love you guys provide as a family, the children of today would be given a better chance. You are such an inspiration. x