Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A little ditty

20th May, 2008

We have a new song we sing every morning. A little ditty about the highlights of each day of the week. I think it helps little M to know what to expect from the day & also to understand about the rhythm of the week. It helps me to get my chores done if little M is soothed by the promise of fun afterwards. 
So for the record: Monday is clean up day, Tuesday we go to the toy library, Wednesday we visit with Lucy, Thursday Grammy plays, Friday is adventure day & then it's the weekend - yay dadda!
Today was no exception. Last week we had returned the scooter to the library after a really long overdue turn. Every day since then we have worried about the scooter & who has it & where it is & when we will get it again. Today was the day. 
On the drive over a little voice sung sweet songs in the back of the car. I turned around & said with such joy "Milo Percival, I love you". He smiled, threw his arms into the air & shouted "SCOOTER"! What's a mama to do but laugh & share the happiness. 

We played in the park & read some stories with Aunty Sarah & bubba Mia too. It was cold & rainy & icky but fun to feel the fresh cold air on our faces & drink warm milky cuppas into our bellies.

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