Saturday, May 31, 2008

crazy twins

31st May, 2008

A busy day of friends & fun...

LuLu came for a play this morning while J&P had some down time. Our little angel was in hiding & instead Lu had to play ever so patiently with his crazy twin. Such a battle of ownership. Everything Lu touched little M wanted. It was the first time really. Lu was so accommodating & little M was so confused by his feelings. He was really wound up until we went outside where there is much space to run & play & dig. 

Then a yummy bbq brunch with J&P, Grammy & Pa before walk & a snooze in the prams. When they woke all was forgiven & forgotten & much fun was had by all.

The dadda's even managed to whip up a great new gate between our yard & J&T's next door. 

Thanks for your company & your help today friends x.

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