Thursday, May 1, 2008

mia mia

1st May, 2008

We've been so lucky to visit with Sarah & Mia twice this past week. Like my little one, Mia is approaching her birthday. One year old already. I really can't believe it. She is such a delight. 

I feel such a connection to Mia, I have my own ideas as to why.... she is my only niece & I was so very honoured to be present at her birth so maybe that is why, but I feel the connection runs much deeper...

This year we will make more time....

mia mia ~ my love

I was so grateful to be asked to photograph the momentous occasion of Mia's birth. I was even more pleased to be able to support my little sis & her hubby through their incredible journey. 
Sarah was INCREDIBLE. Her strength & patience & focus was astounding. She had a completely  natural birth under incredibly difficult circumstances in a high risk, high intervention hospital. She was truly a star, she shone much brighter & stronger than I could've in the same situation. I was so proud & so humbled in the same moment.
To all three of you ~ thankyou thankyou thankyou

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