Friday, February 27, 2009

beach family photography

1st February, 2009

What I've been doing this month (installment one)......

Hanging out with the world's cruisiest family on record breaking Melbourne days.

Friday, February 20, 2009

here is me

6th January, 2009

Here is the sea, the wavy sea,

Here is the boat, 

and here is me.

All little fishes, way down below,

Wiggle their tails and away they go.

I love it when I see his play develop directly from the stories we tell or the songs we sing. It reminds me how sensitive our little ones are to what they see in the world. How a news flash on the tv can have such a huge impact on developing minds & emotions. How a story book written to 'dispel' night time fears can actually create them. How the way we talk about friends, family, the wider world is actually moulding his own perceptions of humanity.

Steiner talks about developing in children a sense of reverence. This is one area I hope to honour more eloquently this year.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

this is what cute looks like

18th February, 2009

"I love mama" 
                   was what I told him to say as I pointed the lens in his direction...

... and love mama was exactly what he did.

ps ~ I am still here, 
               lost somewhere under piles of work & play & surprises & adventure 
          hoping to find my way back real soon, with loads of good tales to tell

Friday, February 6, 2009

thingy things

6th February, 2009

Thanks for letting me mope about the heat last Friday. I tell the truth when I say after writing that post I did feel so much better. Like you had all heard me & nodded in agreement. It was such a nice feeling.

So there is a 'thing' getting around on FB. I have been 'tagged' numerous times to write '25 random things' about myself. I'm not so keen on the whole FB thingy but this one sucked me in. So finally I did it & here it is....

1 * My spirit guide is a mermaid ~ of course. What else would you expect? 
Her name is Anabelle & when we first met she told me "I know you won't like my name but that is what it is" and I knew then that she had a lot to teach me.

2 * I hold a Steiner playgroup in my home each week.

3 * My favourite flowers are daisies... and lisianthus... and sunflowers... and crazy horse roses

4  * My first child was posterior. I danced the labour dance with him all night long in my home as my man held us strong. In the morning as the sun rose & the magpies sang I birthed him into a warm pool of water. He had not turned. It is an evening I shall never forget & always cherish.

5 * I have an absurd physical fear of tupperware.

6 * I have a serious dislike for technology. If I could 'unplug' & still create, communicate & connect, I would. Permanently. 

7 * I keep an online journal. Yes a blog. It's called mermaid dreaming. {der}

8 * My life is a serious of contradictions.

9 * I plan to live overseas this lifetime. I will learn a second language.

10 * I don't iron. Ever

11 * I am the eldest of four sisters.

12 * I dance with faeries. Especially when the wind is strong.

13 * My heart aches for a boy who turns seven this month whom I will likely never hold again.

14 * I love to bake but not cook.

15 * I am in love. Madly, truly, deeply.

16 * I bite my nails when I'm nervous.

17 * I only clean with water, bicarb soda, vinegar & eucalyptus oil.

18 * When I entered a Sacred Women's Circle, my life changed forever.

19 * I hate talking on the telephone.

20 * I've not eaten meat for 19 years & 1 month.

21 * I respect Mother Earth and all of her children. I walk lightly on her back & her belly & her bosom & I walk with love.

22 * At almost 27 years of age I finally had the courage and belief to follow my passion into the world of paid art. I've never looked back.

23 * My heart is lighter, warmer, brighter each time I lay eyes on my child.

24 * I settled in, not down & I'm so glad.

25 * I see daily the power of mind over matter.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

belly ties

6th March, 2007

Almost 9 months old! 
In 10 days little M will have spent more time out of my belly than in it.

This feels like such a huge milestone. I feel a tug, a space, a loss? This wee one keeps on growing, taking those tiny steps away from me further into the world. He is so very confident & inquisitive & fearless. 
He crawls away at great speed to explore & to play. Especially when other children are about. At home he wants to be right by my side, needing me in his sight & in his reach but when we're out. And when I'm relaxed & having fun... well, I have to keep him in my sight then.

I remember especially sunny afternoons on the lawn at Kathy's home for the monthly AP get together. Other children M's age or older even staying close by their Mama's. They wander away to a distance of about 2 metres but then 'bounce' right back. Little M's bungy cord was at least 8 metres or more. I was always watching so that he didn't topple over the drop down in the garden.

I love to watch him play in the garden, 
we look at the flowers & find bugs together. 
It's gladdens my heart no end to see his love for nature blossom.


19th December, 2007

Look Mama ~ New Boots :)

(in phone camera)