Tuesday, February 3, 2009

belly ties

6th March, 2007

Almost 9 months old! 
In 10 days little M will have spent more time out of my belly than in it.

This feels like such a huge milestone. I feel a tug, a space, a loss? This wee one keeps on growing, taking those tiny steps away from me further into the world. He is so very confident & inquisitive & fearless. 
He crawls away at great speed to explore & to play. Especially when other children are about. At home he wants to be right by my side, needing me in his sight & in his reach but when we're out. And when I'm relaxed & having fun... well, I have to keep him in my sight then.

I remember especially sunny afternoons on the lawn at Kathy's home for the monthly AP get together. Other children M's age or older even staying close by their Mama's. They wander away to a distance of about 2 metres but then 'bounce' right back. Little M's bungy cord was at least 8 metres or more. I was always watching so that he didn't topple over the drop down in the garden.

I love to watch him play in the garden, 
we look at the flowers & find bugs together. 
It's gladdens my heart no end to see his love for nature blossom.


karenjane said...

what a gorgeous little chubby bubby, and beautiful to hear your honest feelings on him growing up. just know that as he grows he will take more and more steps further into the world but he will always come back to his mama:)

Amber said...

Oh dont you miss those days of when they are so small and new. He is one fine looking little man.
Hope you are doing well...xx

jodi said...

you are the sweetest muma...so special the way you talk about him.