Friday, February 20, 2009

here is me

6th January, 2009

Here is the sea, the wavy sea,

Here is the boat, 

and here is me.

All little fishes, way down below,

Wiggle their tails and away they go.

I love it when I see his play develop directly from the stories we tell or the songs we sing. It reminds me how sensitive our little ones are to what they see in the world. How a news flash on the tv can have such a huge impact on developing minds & emotions. How a story book written to 'dispel' night time fears can actually create them. How the way we talk about friends, family, the wider world is actually moulding his own perceptions of humanity.

Steiner talks about developing in children a sense of reverence. This is one area I hope to honour more eloquently this year.


Amber said...

So lovely, i am amazed by how easily moved our babies are by the suroundings. Lovely post..xx

Anne said...