Thursday, March 27, 2008

happy & healthy

26th March, 2008  

Miles has had chiropractic care since he was a wee bub. I think he was about 3 months old when we first started taking him. It's been at least monthly since then & we see dramatic changes in his health & behavior after an adjustment. 
Upon the recommendation of a trusted friend we began to see a different chiro about 5 months ago. It was the best move we could have made. Shady is a mountain of information. We go to him for chiropractic care & receive an avalanche of alternative health advice. We are supported in the decisions we make regarding Milo's health, diet & immunity but more than that. Shady loads us up with tools to further support our current practices. He can tell me what my child's behavior has been like according to the misalignment of his skeletal system. Then he can correct it & give me back my happy, healthy boy. I love it. Miles loves it too. 
Today we had our monthly adjustment. His usual spot of C1 was out again. He also had a slight temp. Then we went to Birdrock Beach to check out a location for a shoot I'm doing next week.
As usual we were unprepared for a swim but had one anyway. Little M was butt naked except for his hat within 10 mins of being there. We had a lovely time, then he climbed every one of those stairs back up the cliff to the car. What a champion.

'take my t'shirt off ~ nowwwww'

tiny treasures

25th March, 2008

Papa bear went back to work today after 4 lovely days at home for Easter. Little M misses his 'daddad' & much imagination was needed to entertain him for the day. 
We baked carrot muffins which he loves to help with ~ mixing, measuring, pouring, tasting. He does not love to wait while they bake in the oven & he does not love it when I limit him to 3 mini muffins. So to diffuse the muffin mad monster we went down to the local op shop which I just love at the moment. We got another stack of goodies for only $10. 
Then we ran around the labyrinth under the tall trees for a while. Collected some pine cones, hid in the giant gnome tree & wore each other out before we came home for a nap.

a $1 treasure

our little prince

27th March, 2008

We have so many things to post about.... it's been a fun & busy month for us all. So much of my time has been spent on this new website ~ it won't be long now ~ & this journal has been neglected. Today I feel like spending time on my family, not my work. So here are some catch up pics....

our little prince

easter saturday spent wandering around the balnarring market

loving the animals, 
especially the goats & bunnies

Friday, March 21, 2008

a gem

March 21st, 2008

The new georgie pie website is really close to completion. Just a few more tweaks here and there before it goes 'live'. It's such a time consuming process. My wonderful MIL came around yesterday to watch little M while I was at a shoot in the morning. She ended up staying & playing with him for the whole day... 10 hours she was here. They had a blast but I think he wore her out. In the afternoon I managed to proof 80% of the session & do some more website work. Thanks Heath, you're a gem.

The families I meet with Georgie Pie are just amazing. This one was no exception. A gorgeous mama. So calm. Her big boy is 2 years old & her gorgeous babe only 4 months. She had a wonderful water birth at home. We had a lovely time sharing stories....

The rest of the time I spent chasing.....

This gorgeous little thing was a friend who came along for a play in the gardens. Check out the baby blues on this one.

My sweet P is home for 4 days. Hooray for easter. We have some fun days planned. I'll post next week x.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

wonderful treasures

18th March, 2008

It was such relief when the cool change blew in today. There have been far too many hot days in a row for little M & little me! All of us are sleeping poorly & eating poorly too. It's been too hot to cook & too hot to eat. So we were feeling quite fragile when papa bear left for work this morning. Together we sat on the porch & wished for the coolness. It soon came & little M was quick to recognise his opportunity 'cool cool, bike bike' he requested very matter of factly. 
So that was how we spent the remainder of the day. First riding his little bike in the street & then taking his big bike for a long walk to post the mail & visit the ducks at the wetlands. 
We found some wonderful treasures whilst we were there. They now have pride of place on the nature table (which is actually more like a nature room at the moment). 
And now that papa is home the two of them have gone for more cycling adventures on papa's big bike. 

Friday, March 14, 2008

lovely cuddles

Friday 14th March, 2008

Check out these two adorable boys I met yesterday. So very delightful & so loved by their mama. What an incredible woman. Her oldest is younger than my little M & her babe is 3 months old. Thanks M for letting me photograph your family I had a blast with your boys. Thanks little H for all of those lovely cuddles. x

2 posts in one day! 
A tired little one sleeps & sleeps & sleeps :)

washing day

Friday 14th March, 2008

This is what I found in the laundry this morning.....

a bit tricky to see ~ sorry

a hot, hot day today... 40 degrees. We're off to the shopping centre when little M wakes to take advantage of the air conditioning. & to find a dress to wear to a wedding we're attending ~ tomorrow! I work best under pressure, there's no doubt. 
Tonight I think it will be chippies on the beach followed by a cool swim in the ocean... ahhhh. Ciao x

Monday, March 10, 2008

New Romantic

Monday 10th March, 2008

Really loving this at moment...

& especially this.....

thanks C Baby. A wonderful parting gift from your musical collection to mine.

Check her out here

or here

Friday, March 7, 2008

simply joyful

It rained... briefly, but with some kitchen waste water thrown onto the garden there was enough to make mud. Oh mud, mud, glorious mud. Little M's first time :)

simply joyful

i wish for a delightful abundance of rain this year. to fill & feed the plants and trees so brimming that the leaves glisten with the excess moisture from within. to fill our lakes, our rivers & our wetlands & to cleanse our hearts & our earth of anger, hostility & greed. 

One Morning

There are many ways to describe the parenting style we use with little M ~ attachment, alternative, responsive, conscious... intuitive is the one I like the best. Our intuition is what we draw on most of the time for our decision making & problem solving in relation to our wee one. We make conscious decisions about his health, diet & discipline. We use our intuition to guide us about his routines, interactions & need for comfort. We allow him to listen to his own body & then respect his choices for food, sleep, toileting & comfort.

So when I made the decision to incorporate 1/2 hour of television into our morning routine it was against my intuition, it was a decision made not for little M but for me. A window each morning to have a break, check my email & have a coffee. 30 mins of playschool was fine I reasoned... for a better day for the two of us. 

It began well ~ he mostly played & the tele was just in the background. Then the watching with interest began, then one morning I found this.....

the switching off of his thinking.
Look at the posture... he has never observed this before.... 
this is the classic tv pose... zombie.

So now my choices have to be reevaluated. A wonderful time for me but at what expense? 
This is how we spend most of the rest of the day....

Steiner inspired toys... wooden barn & animals

much fun & learning through play.

It makes me feel better. 

Thursday, March 6, 2008

tiny moments of peace

There's lots going on in my little life right now. Amongst all this chaos there are tiny moments of peace... opportunities which are often ignored or pushed to the side in favour of 'productive' time. Well not this one. Little M is asleep, it's very late in the day, sweet P will be home from work soon & then we are off to dinner to celebrate Pat's 60th birthday. This little moment of peace I'm relishing in. 
A rambling, nonsense post no doubt but a lovely opportunity to spill out thoughts & ideas, this is the best way for me to clear my head. To write. To journal. To think. I prefer to do it with the wind in my face & the water in my view but you learn to adapt quickly when you become a mama. The longer it takes to accept this, the harder the journey. I'm still learning & struggling with this one.
Little M is rockin' my world at the moment. He plays for short periods with the little imaginative scenes I set up & together he loves to play at feeding the animals in the barns or 'rol rol rol' rolling the playdough. We make 'shna' snails & he especially loves it if we have real snail shell to use for them. He's so very gentle. Not though with the blocks ~ every chance he gets... 'bang bang' down they tumble. That game never lasts very long, I'm not so keen.
His words are just incredible, sweet P & I were talking about Italy (again) the other night. Little M was interrupting & I casually said to him 'can you say Italy'? right away his expression changed, he formed his lips & tongue around it & said 'taly' then made several move attempts. Now it's one of his (& mine) favourite things to say. 

The boy stirs.....

Sunday, March 2, 2008

A Wondrous Place....

1st March, 2008

The Autumn is here....
Time to slow down now, breath in the musty earth smells & savour the warmth in the sun. The trees have already lost their lustrous green, it won't be long before the boldness of the season kicks in with the reds, oranges & yellows. I look forward to sharing these discoveries with little M. He had his first Autumn discovery this morning. I think the faeries must be celebrating too....

look, look... what's that in the garden?

take me to it, show me, is it ok? is it real?

there's flowers in there mama, look!
"where shall we plant them M"

with determination & deliberence he struggled to get that barrow to the far corner of the garden. he took out the flowers & Sweet P & I were astounded & chuffed as he placed them down right beside his lilies that we had planted at his blessing ceremony. the lillies are long since sleeping & rejuvenating in the ground. 

he remembered, he knows. 
a very special place in our garden just became a wondrous place in our home.