Tuesday, March 18, 2008

wonderful treasures

18th March, 2008

It was such relief when the cool change blew in today. There have been far too many hot days in a row for little M & little me! All of us are sleeping poorly & eating poorly too. It's been too hot to cook & too hot to eat. So we were feeling quite fragile when papa bear left for work this morning. Together we sat on the porch & wished for the coolness. It soon came & little M was quick to recognise his opportunity 'cool cool, bike bike' he requested very matter of factly. 
So that was how we spent the remainder of the day. First riding his little bike in the street & then taking his big bike for a long walk to post the mail & visit the ducks at the wetlands. 
We found some wonderful treasures whilst we were there. They now have pride of place on the nature table (which is actually more like a nature room at the moment). 
And now that papa is home the two of them have gone for more cycling adventures on papa's big bike. 

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