Thursday, March 6, 2008

tiny moments of peace

There's lots going on in my little life right now. Amongst all this chaos there are tiny moments of peace... opportunities which are often ignored or pushed to the side in favour of 'productive' time. Well not this one. Little M is asleep, it's very late in the day, sweet P will be home from work soon & then we are off to dinner to celebrate Pat's 60th birthday. This little moment of peace I'm relishing in. 
A rambling, nonsense post no doubt but a lovely opportunity to spill out thoughts & ideas, this is the best way for me to clear my head. To write. To journal. To think. I prefer to do it with the wind in my face & the water in my view but you learn to adapt quickly when you become a mama. The longer it takes to accept this, the harder the journey. I'm still learning & struggling with this one.
Little M is rockin' my world at the moment. He plays for short periods with the little imaginative scenes I set up & together he loves to play at feeding the animals in the barns or 'rol rol rol' rolling the playdough. We make 'shna' snails & he especially loves it if we have real snail shell to use for them. He's so very gentle. Not though with the blocks ~ every chance he gets... 'bang bang' down they tumble. That game never lasts very long, I'm not so keen.
His words are just incredible, sweet P & I were talking about Italy (again) the other night. Little M was interrupting & I casually said to him 'can you say Italy'? right away his expression changed, he formed his lips & tongue around it & said 'taly' then made several move attempts. Now it's one of his (& mine) favourite things to say. 

The boy stirs.....

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