Sunday, November 19, 2006

we took the time

19th November, 2006

I cannot express how much I love this photograph. Nor how much I adore the memory & emotion it evokes. We had had a bad day. An unsettled baby, a stressed out Mama. The Papa came home & said go shower, lets go out for a while. So I did, then dressed little M in my favourite jumper & as we were about to head out the door we took the time to stand in the sunshine & take his piccy. I did not know I was in the shot. I did not expect our little cranky bundle to smile or cooperate. But when I looked at him dressed all in blue... 
well, you can see for your self. 
Thanks Sweet P, for making all of my days a little more sunny. 
And little M for for making my heart sing.

Tuesday, November 7, 2006

tiny little M

7th November, 2006

Little M is 4.5 months old. This is a little snippet taken on the dodgy mobile phone.