Thursday, June 29, 2006

little angel boy

29th June, 2006

We took Miles to the beach for the very first time. Actually this was the first time we took Miles anywhere. It seemed right that his first experience outside of our home should be in the embrace of mama earth.

Still such a tiny little dot, you would hardly notice him except for all the layers of blanket.

The sun shone his warmth & golden rays, the water lapped peacefully & the wind slowed to barley a breath. Our little angel boy slept peacefully through it all, content in his Papa's arms.

We asked for a treasure to take home that day. 
A reminder of Milo's first introduction to the natural world. 
We could not have been more pleased with our gift.

Connected to & nurtured by the angels watching over. 

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

little dude

21st June, 2006

'Hey Mama n Papa n little dude hope ur all well just wanted 2 say how amazing u are im so happy n excited love u 2 bits enjoy the rest of ur day kisses' ~ a sms from Auntie Danielle

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


20th June, 2006

I feel like there just aren't enough memories. That the photos are too few & too poor to tell the story. That I wish I wish I wish I wish that we had of thought of having a photographer capture those moments. 
I was so precious about not using flash, about not waking a sleeping babe. I was right by him each moment as he didn't like to be alone. 

I was so sure this time would last. That I could photograph him after this feed, after this sleep, tomorrow. This weekend.

And then it was over. He grew! And there is so little to show how much he was loved. How tiny he was. How we could do nothing else but sit & watch him as the hours ticked by.

And so I am overwhelmed & grateful when I stumble over little treasures like this....

Not much but the light was good, the sound ok & the love in our voices, well. 
Can you hear it too?

Sunday, June 18, 2006


18th June, 2006

2 days old

This babe, as yet unnamed, 

in his mama's arms

22nd June, 2006

6 days old

Miles Percival Ryan

So tiny.
So perfect.
All consuming.