Tuesday, June 20, 2006


20th June, 2006

I feel like there just aren't enough memories. That the photos are too few & too poor to tell the story. That I wish I wish I wish I wish that we had of thought of having a photographer capture those moments. 
I was so precious about not using flash, about not waking a sleeping babe. I was right by him each moment as he didn't like to be alone. 

I was so sure this time would last. That I could photograph him after this feed, after this sleep, tomorrow. This weekend.

And then it was over. He grew! And there is so little to show how much he was loved. How tiny he was. How we could do nothing else but sit & watch him as the hours ticked by.

And so I am overwhelmed & grateful when I stumble over little treasures like this....

Not much but the light was good, the sound ok & the love in our voices, well. 
Can you hear it too?

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jodi said...

i found a video on my phone not long ago - ché was so little he was just grunting. I was so overwhelmed when I found it because at that stage everything was still a bit of a blur for me. Don't waste your energy regretting the moments that weren't captured in photos - because the time you spend deep in regret is time you miss out with him now.