Tuesday, July 24, 2007


24th July, 2007

There are moments, you know them, when the world seems to just slow to a quiet breath. When the sunlight comes directly from the heart of the heavens & when your body feels so consumed with love, you fear you may just explode into a trillion tiny pieces of stardust with the sheer intensity of it. 

This morning I was blessed with such a moment.....

words nor pics will never describe but will remind

(in phone camera)

Thursday, July 19, 2007


19th July, 2007

We take snaps with the computer... kinda crazy & wonderful what can be done with modern technology. So we take them & send them to the Papa at work, to make him smile, or laugh, or breathe. Mostly they are of little M, I'm usually, like most other things, in the background making it all happen. But sometimes I'm in one too, unplanned & unexpected but a nice reminder for me ~ to see the warmth & the love & the smiles... he smells so good, so very good. 

a morning pic

19th July, 2007

Me & my snuggly boy....

a morning pic & hello to papa at work
thanks to photobooth!