Wednesday, April 23, 2008

simple joys

23rd April, 2008

We take such delight in the simple joys of our day. The camellia buds finally opening ~ soft, light, pretty. Little M likes to pet them. I'm sure he thinks they must be faeries. 
A giant autumn leaf still soft brushes over his face & he giggles. 'More' he says & closes his eyes as the leaf brushes past again. Giggles. 
The pine cones & the other seed pods fallen on the ground. We look up into the branches & we say thanks 'ta tee' to the tree for it's gift. 
We bring treasures home to find a place on our nature table. Ever changing as the seasons & our adventures. 

Today little M wakes to a new special play scene. Many babies are in our conversations at the moment. Meeting & visiting with friends old & new. Babes in tummies, babes in arms, babes in blankies. Little M cares for his own 'baby' doll. He is soft & squishy, so good to cuddle. The figurines above were spotted & held with such happiness this morning. 'Dad, me, dad, me, dad, mum, dad, me'. Gentle hands & gentle words. Soft voice. They were put safely back onto the shelf then but soon he will wake & find them in their simple basket home. 
I can't wait to observe the play. 

warm porridge

23rd April, 2008

This morning at the breakfast table little M was not the least bit interested in his porridge. He preferred to play outside but as it was cold, foggy & still wet I insisted he wait a while. To smooth the situation over I started to tell him about the gnomes that lived in the garden & how their favourite thing to eat in the morning was porridge, especially when it's warm. 'Quick', i said, 'eat your porridge before the gnomes come in to get it'. He patted the table beside him 'gno, gno, aye'. So then an elaborate explanation about how the gnomes are secretive & sneaky. 'They don't like to be seen'. 
A while later I went to shower. Little M was not pleased about this I suggested he sing a song to the gnomes 'because they like music so much' & watch to see if they come out of the garden to dance. I went to gather my clothes & when I came out he was sitting by the back door, singing & playing the tambourine. I was a little slow with the camera....

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


22nd April, 2008

Busy, busy, busy.....

Much going on around this place. Lots of excitement to share... on another post though. 
The new  Georgie Pie website is 'live'. Hooray. Relief & happiness abound. Check it out here 

These are pics from a pregnancy shoot I did last weekend. What a gorgeous couple. They are so very excited to meet their baby 'lumpy' when s/he arrives. They're having a home birth with our wonderful midwife Brenda Manning. 
Thanks for being so brave in the freezing cold wind P & G.

Gotta run now... off to our ABA meeting to share birth stories 
with all those fabulous mama's

Sunday, April 20, 2008

the ebb & flow

20th April, 2008

We have babies ~ two in fact ~ their names are Eb & Flo and they are simply divine. We are all in love. Who would've thought you could be so very fond of chickens.....

A trip out to the farm in Montrose for 
our carefully selected breed ~ Pekin's. 
Good layers, friendly, small & not flighty 
& those oh so fabulous feathered feet.

first introductions once arriving home... 
shy & unsure but most definitely smitten

home, sweet, home... 
look at those two boys checking in on the two girls, are they happy?

indeed :) 
our babies are only 10 & 13 weeks old, they will eat & grow 
a lot over the next few months & we'll start collecting 
fresh eggs most likely in the spring time

thanks pb for building such a wonderful home for 
our feathered friends... above & beyond & 
so very much appreciated by all 5 of us x

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Monday, April 14, 2008


14th April, 2008

Where to begin...? 
A tumultuous time at the moment, in our lives in the wider world. We see it, feel it & hear of other people's discontent. Why? A time of change, of shift, of new beginnings. The collective consciousness of our world is expanding. 
In our country & across the world our call for peace & fairness & rightness is being heard. Newly elected political figures make ethical decisions, based not in gain but in love. I watch with pride & exhileration. 
In our home this energy of change brings itchy feet & contemplation. New goals are sought, although not yet found. Time is spent on inner reflection with new directions slow to emerge. We each attempt to find the 'answers' but first we need to find the right questions. I feel like we are making choices for the long term. 
Little M feels this energy too of course. He is quite wound up at the moment. His behavior is extreme ~ the highs are exhilarating, the lows overwhelming. His language development is rocketing along, his body is growing so very fast. Imagination & play is becoming more intricate every day. He needs much mama time in between to reconnect & reassure. We are both looking forward to a trip to the chiro today. My first adjustment with Shady. I hope he can 'fix' my neck pain. I hope he can free up some space for clear thinking & calmness.

Friday, April 11, 2008

what better way

11th April, 2008

What better way to idle an afternoon away than with a paintbrush in your hand, grass between your toes & birds singing sweet songs in your ears.

& yes, the easel was positioned right by my hammock & yes, I did, for a little bit, close my eyes & sway in the breeze, just for a little bit x
(& no, I have not 'done' anything to his eyes. They really are that blue.)

Thursday, April 10, 2008

truly an angel

10th April, 2008

My Little Milo
He will be 2 years old in 10 weeks! I'm so many adjectives about this milestone & this little boy. He is truly an angel in a knitted beanie. 
I could ramble endlessly about the way that there are no words to describe the love I feel for him but instead I'll just tell you some of my most favourite recent happenings...

best new word ~ whoops
best new toy ~ scooter borrowed hesitantly from the toy library
best new job ~ dig, dig, dig
best new animal sounds ~ seagulls, seriously
best new adventure ~ climbing & cuddling trees
best new skill ~ falling asleep holding mama's hands, not ears :) 
best new game ~ deep in the jungle the elephants go - slow, slow, 
to & fro, swinging their trunks from side to side. 
Boom! Boom! the elephants go. Can you go like that?

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


7th April, 2008

Such busy work this afternoon....






This sweet, sweet child brings me such hope for the future.
I hope your day was spent in the world of possibilities 
rather than impossibilities too. x