Sunday, April 20, 2008

the ebb & flow

20th April, 2008

We have babies ~ two in fact ~ their names are Eb & Flo and they are simply divine. We are all in love. Who would've thought you could be so very fond of chickens.....

A trip out to the farm in Montrose for 
our carefully selected breed ~ Pekin's. 
Good layers, friendly, small & not flighty 
& those oh so fabulous feathered feet.

first introductions once arriving home... 
shy & unsure but most definitely smitten

home, sweet, home... 
look at those two boys checking in on the two girls, are they happy?

indeed :) 
our babies are only 10 & 13 weeks old, they will eat & grow 
a lot over the next few months & we'll start collecting 
fresh eggs most likely in the spring time

thanks pb for building such a wonderful home for 
our feathered friends... above & beyond & 
so very much appreciated by all 5 of us x

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i cant tell you how much i love this website x