Thursday, April 10, 2008

truly an angel

10th April, 2008

My Little Milo
He will be 2 years old in 10 weeks! I'm so many adjectives about this milestone & this little boy. He is truly an angel in a knitted beanie. 
I could ramble endlessly about the way that there are no words to describe the love I feel for him but instead I'll just tell you some of my most favourite recent happenings...

best new word ~ whoops
best new toy ~ scooter borrowed hesitantly from the toy library
best new job ~ dig, dig, dig
best new animal sounds ~ seagulls, seriously
best new adventure ~ climbing & cuddling trees
best new skill ~ falling asleep holding mama's hands, not ears :) 
best new game ~ deep in the jungle the elephants go - slow, slow, 
to & fro, swinging their trunks from side to side. 
Boom! Boom! the elephants go. Can you go like that?

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