Wednesday, April 23, 2008

simple joys

23rd April, 2008

We take such delight in the simple joys of our day. The camellia buds finally opening ~ soft, light, pretty. Little M likes to pet them. I'm sure he thinks they must be faeries. 
A giant autumn leaf still soft brushes over his face & he giggles. 'More' he says & closes his eyes as the leaf brushes past again. Giggles. 
The pine cones & the other seed pods fallen on the ground. We look up into the branches & we say thanks 'ta tee' to the tree for it's gift. 
We bring treasures home to find a place on our nature table. Ever changing as the seasons & our adventures. 

Today little M wakes to a new special play scene. Many babies are in our conversations at the moment. Meeting & visiting with friends old & new. Babes in tummies, babes in arms, babes in blankies. Little M cares for his own 'baby' doll. He is soft & squishy, so good to cuddle. The figurines above were spotted & held with such happiness this morning. 'Dad, me, dad, me, dad, mum, dad, me'. Gentle hands & gentle words. Soft voice. They were put safely back onto the shelf then but soon he will wake & find them in their simple basket home. 
I can't wait to observe the play. 

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