Saturday, April 5, 2008

the very finest

5th April, 2008

A sad post today. It's been a rough time these past 6 days. 
Our wonderful friend Harry was sadly laid to rest on Monday. 
He was 1 day off his 14th birthday - April fool's day. Those of you who know us well also knew our Harry well. He was many things to us ~ beautiful, loyal, naughty, gentle, witty, smelly, compassionate, funny, opportunistic & determined. He had the very finest velvet ears & the most adorable wet black nose. His eyes could & did, melt the hardest heart. He will be missed & longed for, his stories will live on....

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Anonymous said...

Goodbye to beautiful Harry....memories....chocolate selfsaucing pudding to be eaten later - up onto the table went Harry & no more pudding for Paulie later....ooops. No food was safe, nothing was bag on the floor @ chadstone - an envelope of money STOLEN - oh no....HARRY, found behind the couch - what a relief. Harry memories for ever