Friday, March 7, 2008

One Morning

There are many ways to describe the parenting style we use with little M ~ attachment, alternative, responsive, conscious... intuitive is the one I like the best. Our intuition is what we draw on most of the time for our decision making & problem solving in relation to our wee one. We make conscious decisions about his health, diet & discipline. We use our intuition to guide us about his routines, interactions & need for comfort. We allow him to listen to his own body & then respect his choices for food, sleep, toileting & comfort.

So when I made the decision to incorporate 1/2 hour of television into our morning routine it was against my intuition, it was a decision made not for little M but for me. A window each morning to have a break, check my email & have a coffee. 30 mins of playschool was fine I reasoned... for a better day for the two of us. 

It began well ~ he mostly played & the tele was just in the background. Then the watching with interest began, then one morning I found this.....

the switching off of his thinking.
Look at the posture... he has never observed this before.... 
this is the classic tv pose... zombie.

So now my choices have to be reevaluated. A wonderful time for me but at what expense? 
This is how we spend most of the rest of the day....

Steiner inspired toys... wooden barn & animals

much fun & learning through play.

It makes me feel better. 

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Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more. Turn off the idiot box & make believe, invent * explore - yay (mum)