Thursday, March 27, 2008

our little prince

27th March, 2008

We have so many things to post about.... it's been a fun & busy month for us all. So much of my time has been spent on this new website ~ it won't be long now ~ & this journal has been neglected. Today I feel like spending time on my family, not my work. So here are some catch up pics....

our little prince

easter saturday spent wandering around the balnarring market

loving the animals, 
especially the goats & bunnies

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Anonymous said...

Not only is he your prince (& my absolutely adorable grandson) but he is your WHOLE WORLD & always will be just like you, Julie, along with your sisters will always be my WHOLE WORLD which is added to each & every time another miracle is added into our lives & you chose the 'love of your life' - my WHOLE WORLD grows.