Friday, February 6, 2009

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6th February, 2009

Thanks for letting me mope about the heat last Friday. I tell the truth when I say after writing that post I did feel so much better. Like you had all heard me & nodded in agreement. It was such a nice feeling.

So there is a 'thing' getting around on FB. I have been 'tagged' numerous times to write '25 random things' about myself. I'm not so keen on the whole FB thingy but this one sucked me in. So finally I did it & here it is....

1 * My spirit guide is a mermaid ~ of course. What else would you expect? 
Her name is Anabelle & when we first met she told me "I know you won't like my name but that is what it is" and I knew then that she had a lot to teach me.

2 * I hold a Steiner playgroup in my home each week.

3 * My favourite flowers are daisies... and lisianthus... and sunflowers... and crazy horse roses

4  * My first child was posterior. I danced the labour dance with him all night long in my home as my man held us strong. In the morning as the sun rose & the magpies sang I birthed him into a warm pool of water. He had not turned. It is an evening I shall never forget & always cherish.

5 * I have an absurd physical fear of tupperware.

6 * I have a serious dislike for technology. If I could 'unplug' & still create, communicate & connect, I would. Permanently. 

7 * I keep an online journal. Yes a blog. It's called mermaid dreaming. {der}

8 * My life is a serious of contradictions.

9 * I plan to live overseas this lifetime. I will learn a second language.

10 * I don't iron. Ever

11 * I am the eldest of four sisters.

12 * I dance with faeries. Especially when the wind is strong.

13 * My heart aches for a boy who turns seven this month whom I will likely never hold again.

14 * I love to bake but not cook.

15 * I am in love. Madly, truly, deeply.

16 * I bite my nails when I'm nervous.

17 * I only clean with water, bicarb soda, vinegar & eucalyptus oil.

18 * When I entered a Sacred Women's Circle, my life changed forever.

19 * I hate talking on the telephone.

20 * I've not eaten meat for 19 years & 1 month.

21 * I respect Mother Earth and all of her children. I walk lightly on her back & her belly & her bosom & I walk with love.

22 * At almost 27 years of age I finally had the courage and belief to follow my passion into the world of paid art. I've never looked back.

23 * My heart is lighter, warmer, brighter each time I lay eyes on my child.

24 * I settled in, not down & I'm so glad.

25 * I see daily the power of mind over matter.

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