Monday, May 26, 2008

the bug...

26th May, 2008

We have the bug... you know the one.. the nesting bug.
Sweet P & I often fall victim to it's song but I think now the little one has it too. 

Things are.... shall we say.... a work in progress... around here at the moment. I was the first to succumb this time. The laundry had it's long overdue spring clean yesterday which was momentous & incredibly satisfying (silly, I know). 
Then it was sweet P, poor ambitous papa. It's got him good. Our new studio... the one designed, fitted out & enjoyed only in January... is undergoing a major overhaul. What was once a private music space became a less private music space with a small corner from which I could work, then it became a shared space where not much music occurred. 
It will soon be two spaces. One for music creation, one for my creations. We are both terribly excited, if not a little overwhelmed but the project.

So today, which is for house cleaning duties has been really spent trying to get just a little more done in the studio, just one more thing....

Little M is a beam of shining light admist the chaos & the disconnected mama & papa.
So it was time to create a new space for him too. A new drawing space with a view of the world, some fresh flowers & stars for inspiration & viola....

his drawing is astounding, 
one of these days I'll photograph it & post here. 
until then, x

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katrinalovessunshine said...

Hard to beleive your little man is nearly 2 where have the years gone. I can truly see that your space and life is full of love and happiness its so nice to see. Hope you guys rug up for the coming winter months and dont catch any unwanted bugs. Mermaid dreaming is truly a wonderful website and something that will be treasured by miles in years to come, what a special mumsy this little man has x