Friday, May 30, 2008

my little bunny

30th May, 2008

This little boy.. growing so fast.. 
laughing . & . talking . & . flying . & . loving...
our georgie, our gorgeous george, our milo, my bunny... 

You tell us so clearly now what you want.. if we misunderstand you persist with us, repeating the word until we figure it out. 
You are so patient, never becoming frustrated as we repeat -fishes? tissue? feather? beaches? oh treasure.. yes those shells & gumnuts are true treasures... and so are you little one. 
The corners of your mouth turn up & you almost roll your eyes as you repeat yourself again. You must think we're quite nutty sometimes. 
You love to be my bunny. Some times I'll call you Miles or Milo, you stop me 'Nooo'. You bang your chest 'bunny, mama bunny'. Yes, mama's bunny. So soft to cuddle, so sweet to know, so lovely to watch & wonder. 
I love you my little bunny. x

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