Monday, January 19, 2009

he sings to the sea

12th December, 2008

He sings to the sea, and she playfully kisses his toes. 
He giggles and throws a stick to her, she caresses it, slowly, taking in it's beauty then returns it softly to his feet.
He sings to her, and she playfully kisses his toes....

He is mesmerised. As I have been for so many years before. 
He stands, he sways ever so slightly, moving with her rhythm, feeling the pull, the beckon, her call. I wonder how he will respond, what will her song call from him. When?

I feel blessed, again. There is something of me in this child. Or perhaps there is simply something of the ocean in us both.

It delights me beyond description, and teases me with the fear of letting him go, into the waves, into her embrace, into her power. 
And I have to trust & be glad for another season of paddling in the shallows.



Leanne said...

absolutely gorgeous!!

Amber said...

You are so beautiful. What an amazing gal. How lucky I am to read your words..xx