Thursday, January 8, 2009


8th January, 2009

Christmas lovin' that keeps on givin'.

So much love & gratitude to all for your generosity, your kindness & your friendship.

x J,P & M         

(m ~ otherwise known as 'water faerie' and often found draped in a blue playsilk swimming in the 'river')


jodi said...

so beautiful. happy new year to you sweet lady x

Anonymous said...

Where did you fine the stable and the animals? Thanks- Tabitha I really enjoy your blog!

Jules said...

Hi Tabitha,
The stable was a birthday gift to my boy from his sweet grandfolks. Purchased here:
The woman there is very helpful. If you tell her that you saw mine she will know what you are after (my name is Julie Ryan btw).
And the animals are from here:
you can read about their journey here:

Thanks for visiting, it's nice to have you around :)
x Jules