Friday, January 9, 2009

ticking boxes

9th January, 2009

I've been a coffee drinker for a  v e r y   l o n g  time.
I was that student who couldn't put pen to paper without her 'hit' - morning, mid morning, late morning, lunch, you get the picture. 
Well that habit was left on campus, but I do still love my daily ritual with a steaming hot cup just slightly burning my fingers.... yes, mmm, yes I do.
It makes me warm & fuzzy when I think about that ritual. I don't cope without it.

So. My point? 
The yellowed teeth of coffee drinkers. I don't want to use nasty chemical whiteners & no matter how hard I wanted to believe bi-carb soda would remove the stains ! it really didn't.
So I just kind of got over it & learnt to accept that part of myself along with the other bits you learn to love or ignore.
Which is why I am so pleased that I found this toothpaste. 

After about a month of using this I thought my teeth looked a little whiter. After another month & I'm certain of it. I don't know why. It's all natural & organic. The minty taste is not the best but it's not yucky. Miles likes it. Even Sweet P said it wasn't bad.

So, just a little oral hygiene tip from me to you! Cause I love a good product & it ticks all of my boxes.


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JoJo said...

Mmmmm... I hear ya! Working for me too (red wine PLUS coffee!). I prefer the anise flavour - HOT!

Love ya xx