Thursday, August 7, 2008

with gratitude

7th August, 2008

Last night I went out ~ without a nappy bag, or a snotty shoulder, or a toddler's schedule governing my movements. 
Instead I wore heels & lippy & had tickets in my hand for the best gig little ol' melbourne town me has seen in over two years. 

A flood of emotions & memories. The Corner Hotel & I have a long history. 

Thankyou to my little M for waving me goodbye with the biggest of smiles. Thankyou to my sweet P for sending me away with love & for braving the impending storm. Thankyou to my sis for sharing the moment with me. 
And to the incredible, delightful, overwhelmingly talented Laura Marling thankyou for enticing me back & reminding me why I should never have left.

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Raine said...

Hey, we all know what an awesome hubby you have...are we jealous? No, cos he's my gorgeous son-in-law, who is the papa of my sweetest grandson. And how lucky am I to see my beautiful girls (oldest & youngest) spending time together, sharing special moments...I must be the luckiest mother, mother-in-law & nanna.