Wednesday, October 1, 2008

a little nervous

1st October, 2008

So I had an email a little while ago from a woman wanting to book a session with her 3 little cherubs. She'd done a google search & found me ~ yay, located on the Mornington Peninsula, just like her. A couple of back & forth emails & then I got her home answering machiene. 'Hi you've called R....., ....., ....., ...... & ........ leave us a message'.

I thought huh? I know these people - or I use to anyway, pre babies. 

So on Monday I got to hang out with them all. We chased fairies around the garden, dreamt about fat quarters & caught the interactions between parent & child that shape families & minds.

Here is one little piccy. I won't get to proof the pics 'til Thursday arvo but this one caught my eye. I'm sure there'll be more to follow.

It was a pleasure & an honour. And even though I was a little nervous, I needn't have been. 
I left feeling so energised & inspired ~ To go home & play with my own little cherub..... & to (finally) make that quilt I've been thinking & thinking & thinking about.....

thanks Rob x

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Anonymous said...

Oh you absolutely adorable being - thank you for writing such swet things about my little family.... Now I just want to firstly say that this pic is what i am talking about!!!!! Look at the cheeks on that babe, Love it Love it Love it.. and secondly, thank you for an amazing time, it was good to get out and about and enjoy lifes wonders even in the rain ;-) and have some fun with an old friend.. just doing it, as you are. I really had a great morning & the kids did too! Thank you ever so much, & now you have me champing to see the rest, oh you little teaser. This blog is also amazing, so thank you for leaving your mark on us! -xxxxxx- Peace, Happiness & Warmth to you and your luvins'
Thrilled & Intrigued (hmm spelling)
R x