Wednesday, October 22, 2008


22nd October, 2008

Well, I feel like I have nothing interesting to say today but am compelled to write all the same. 
The busyness of Spring is driving the intensity of energy in & around our home. I feel inspired by it but also overwhelmed. 
Where to begin?
Where to place my own energy & focus?
Skillfully I 'hide' in preparation of tasks to begin. I think this syndrome is widely known as 'procrastination'.  Yes, mm hmm.

I find myself called to 'midwife' (to be with woman) those I hold dear to my heart. In ways I've not know how before. I'm finding purpose & truth in simple acts such as cooking a meal for a friend, sending a message of luck to another. To be able to simply sit & hold the hand, the body of a love & to light a candle & hold space in my own heart for another. To see the beauty in those around me. And also to call upon my own tribe when I feel the need to be held.
In doing so I honour myself. To see the value & the beauty I can offer to these wonderful souls.  
It is a pleasure & a joy to honour another beautiful woman who is midwife to me through this awakening.
Thankyou sweet Sister.

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