Saturday, October 4, 2008

blowin' in the wind

4th October, 2008

It was early on Saturday morning. Sweet P was sleeping in, I was cleaning up the kitchen, little M was playing in the sandpit. 
I could hear a tune blowing in the breeze, "Mr fwog jumed out of a pond....".
I found him with a little frog figurine in his hand, leaning over a (huge) empty sand toy basket which had a rain puddle in the bottom.
I smiled at him as I took the 'mixing' bowl from the sandpit & placed it still with sand & rain water on the deck beside him. 
I took a handful of stones from the agave pot by the step & placed them gently in the bowl. 
I smiled at him again, now intently watching my actions, I walked to the birch tree hanging over the sand. I pulled off a small piece & said softly 'thanks tree'. Then slipped it down the side of the bowl. 

I put my hand out to little M as I sang his song,
"Mr frog jumped out of his pond one day, and found himself in the rain."
He walked over to the bowl
"Said he 'I'll get wet & I might catch a cold, ah, ah, ah choo' so he jumped in the pond again"

The little frog quickly jumped into his new pond & the little boy continued his play & song for the next 20 minutes.

and yes, as expected, 
before too long the boy had become the frog, 
jumping in & out of the pond :)


katrinalovessunshine said...

Just adorable Jules, what an imagination little m has and what a perfect way to spend a saturday morning. Your beliefs and inspiration that you and p install in little m is a true testiment to the development of this beautiful little man. x

Ariad said...

That's sweet:)