Friday, October 31, 2008

to create

31st October, 2008

A quiet corner for our little one to create within....
papa's drum serves as a table for supplies & inspiration

lavender fresh from the garden 
a gorgeous thrifted pottery vase 
smell so, feel so, draw so delightful stockmar beeswax crayons

& I'm reminded by the lovely soule mama that to have a creative home you need to create a space within which to create. 
So I pulled out my dusty easel, propped it up by little M's & had a wonderful time remembering what it felt like to use paints & pens & 
a blank canvas.

and look what I made :)
inspired by this loveliness & this memory  
(sorry for the dodgy photo's, I'm not so good with stationary subjects!)


jodi said...

i'd like to visit that space...

Amber said...

I think that is lovely.
Space for most forms of creation are so important it seems and that it just perfect.
I am loving the blog regularity...

Anne said...

Lovely space.:)

I love Stockmar crayons. They're such bright colours. Little Loopity Lou (17 months) has been known to have a nibble on them too.

Leanne said...

This looks great and look what your mental space was able to create....just beatiful!
btw...Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm looking forward to keeping an eye on this space too.

Lori said...

you've made a lovely space :^)